The experiences

Meet the artist in the studio

Enter the artist's studio and experience the atmosphere of her/his art in a unique way. Let him tell you about the philosophy behind his work and let yourself be captivated by his works.

Aperitif with the artist

Over a glass of wine and some nibbles, you can stroll through the artist's studio and discover the artist work.

Dinner with the artist

This convivial moment will be a unique opportunity to learn more about the artist and his works and experiments. An informal dinner that will take you into a more personal dimension of the creative work.

Artist´s Espresso

What better occasion than sipping a coffee while admiring the artist's works inside his studio.

Art workshop

A personal experience of sharing knowledge and the deepest artistic experience. Put yourself to the test and directly experience art in its most varied manifestations, from a painting technique to a sculpture to a performance.

Visit to a private artist's gallery or house

It is the detail that tell us about originality. Visiting an artist's home and discovering his personal collection will make it even more fascinating to understand his world and the uniqueness of his artistic vision.

These are the kinds of experiences you can have by entering the world of ArtMappItalia. Find the artist in the area or the artistic genre of your interest by clicking here